Book Coaching & Developmental Editing

1:1 support for nonfiction authors who want to write a book that readers love.

Can you relate to any of these?

Are you ready to write a book?

If you're ready to write your book, I'd be thrilled to help you.

There are three ways to work with me

get quick clarity

Strategy Call

Powerful questions yield powerful answers. Get instant clarity on your book idea, message and goals in one 50-minute coaching call. 

plan to succeed

Book Discovery & Content Roadmap

I’ll help you clarify your book concept and activate your biggest vision for it.

From there, we’ll pin down your book’s foundational elements–like structure, content, audience, voice–to create a plan to get your book done and into the hands of readers.

get it done

1:1 Proposal &
Book Coaching

Seeking a traditional publishing deal? A book proposal that grabs the attention of agents and makes the business case for your book is key to landing a publishing deal. Getting these right puts you well ahead of an ocean of writers who don’t. 

Want to self publish? Ongoing sessions give you personalized guidance and actionable feedback to keep moving toward your biggest book vision. Working with me is the most efficient way to write a book that meets and exceeds your goals. 

Why work with me?

What I Do

I help mission-driven professionals, experts, and coaches write their essential nonfiction book that shifts what's possible, for both them and their readers.

How I do it

I use a mix of proven strategy, curiosity, and market insight to help writers see the biggest vision for their book and then create a plan to get it done and into the hands of readers.

Why I Do It

I believe that books change lives. I believe that your essential book is the book that only you can write. It flows from the good work you do and becomes a force of good as it carves its own way to the lives it touches.

When's the best time to work with a book coach?

The best time to work with a book coach is before you start writing. The next best time is now.

Working with a book coach gives you personalized guidance, support, and accountability to fast-track your growth as a writer and help you become the author of a book you’ll be proud of.

Not sure what help you need?

“Whatever you're meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible."

– Doris Lessing