Why work
with me?

I’ve have a lot of tools in my editor toolbox to help you, which means I’m able to give you the help you need now. I’ve learned these tools from two of the industry’s best. I studied directly with Shawn Coyne to become a certified Story Grid editor and also with Jennie Nash, founder of Author Accelerator and book coach extraordinaire, to become a certified Author Accelerator nonfiction book coach. 

With a background in marketing and advertising, I can help you connect to your audience, write a killer proposal, and see the biggest vision for your book, brand, and business.

What I love most, though, is helping writers break through blocks to tap their best work so they can write the book that brings more of the good work they do to readers who need it now.

Some fun random facts:

  • Even though I have no musical talent, I insist on playing the guitar.
  • I once sailed 550 nautical miles in five days on a Pogo 12.50, a high-performance sailing yacht, as a member of an all-women crew.
  • When not on the water, I love to read, hike, and take comedy improv classes.
  • I deeply appreciate great pour over coffee and handwritten thank-you notes.
  • I was once a copy director for a major American designer and have the wardrobe to prove it.
  • I live by a Great Lake with my family and a Portuguese Water Dog that hates swimming.

If you need help writing your nonfiction book, 
I'd be happy to chat with you.