Welcome to my blog of advice, insight and tips for writing your great book. I hope that you find something here that helps you see a problem in a new way. 

Every artist’s path is unique. It can be a lonely road, but you are never alone: We all share a need to connect, to understand others, and to reach for our best self. It’s what we as writers are called to do.

Writing is not just my calling, it’s a form of grace in my life, a salve in moments of despair, a lifeline to my true course. If you are called to write, know you have what it takes to follow your heart. Trust that there will be help along the way.

I get how how hard this writing thing is. I wouldn’t be typing these words if it weren’t for the help and generosity of many kind and kindred souls. It’s my sincere hope that you might find something here that helps you.