Book Discovery & Blueprint

Have a great idea and not much else?

Your time is valuable. Get clear what you need to write, before you write it, and save time, energy, and money spent fixing draft that’s gone offtrack. 

We’ll clarify your key concept and ideal market over a series of interviews. I’ll give an honest appraisal of whether your idea has the depth needed to anchor a book that will engage readers and achieve your goals. I’ll also suggest additional research or steps needed to make your concept work. If you have more than one idea, our work will help identify which one to write first.

You’ll come away with your unique book blueprint, an action plan to get you book written. It includes a detailed outline based on your book’s content so you can jump into writing with clarity, focus and confidence. This invaluable roadmap saves you untold hours and wasted energy spent writing down the wrong path. It’s the single best investment you could make to ensure an outcome that you’ll be proud of.

The Book Discovery & Blueprint Includes:

Personal interviews to clarify your book's idea and market

Interview transcripts with top-level summaries for future reference

A book blueprint outlining your book's content and your writing path

Customized resources to help with your unique challenges.

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