Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is a great way to...

take your book idea from inspiration to first draft

make key structural changes to transform a draft that's not working to one that is

get your book written efficiently and with the least pain possible.

Weekly hour-long sessions provide ongoing accountability and guidance that’s tailored to your project and writing challenges. Developmental editing is a great way to take your book idea to a solid first draft or to work through key structural changes in an manuscript that’s not working. 

After each session you’ll have clear next steps for moving forward. Developmental editing saves you time through minimizing wasted effort. It’s simply the most efficient way to write your great book. 

A minimum commitment of four sessions is required to work with me.  

Each developmental coaching session includes:

Weekly feedback on your writing (up to 3000 words)

One 60-minute consultation call

Advice with clear next steps for moving forward

Customized resources to help with your project

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